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In 1910 Isaak Fernandes started the business when he opened a small novelty store in Paramaribo. The company did well and steadily grew and diversified but really took off after Jule, Isaak’s son, acquired the Coca-Cola Franchise in 1938. With this milestone the company started its successful journey and rapidly expanded into other sectors of the economy. All this came about under the inspiring leadership of Jule Fernandes. To this date the Fernandes Group is the largest privately owned Company in Suriname and plays a leading role in many sectors of the Surinamese economy.

The Fernandes Group is the market leader in non-Alcoholic ready to drink beverages through its Coca-Cola Franchise.
We are also the leading food company through our Food Division with our locally produced Fernandes bread, pastry, snacks, Ice-Cream and sole distributor of Nestle Ice Cream. Through our distribution company we represent imported international brands such as Grace, Agio, El Dorado rum, Freixenet, Fernandes Gouda Cheese and Albert Heijn.
Fernandes Automotive is the industry leader representing world class brands such as Honda, Isuzu, Volkswagen and Subaru.
Our White Goods and Powertools shops represent among others Panasonic, Kelvinator, Kenmore, Samsung, Makita, Astra, Black and Decker, Jika and Nemef.

The company employs about 1.100 people, contributes approximately 2% to the Surinam GDP and to this day is owned by the 4th generation of the family Fernandes.

Our mission

We at Fernandes aim to enrich the lives of people worldwide by offering a diverse portfolio of quality and innovative products, services and brands, that anticipate, meet and exceed people’s ever changing needs and expectations.

We believe in the strength of our people and therefore we work hard to create an environment where our culturally diverse workforce can fully employ its potential. As we continue to grow our business we will continue our strategic and longtime partnerships with major global companies and Brands while developing new relationships based on trust and sustainable growth for all our partners.

Our Values

Our core values passed down by our founding fathers have guided us for more than 100 year making us the respected company we are today. These values will serve as a compass while we work to achieve our ambitions.

Integrity & Honesty: We will never sacrifice our integrity for any commercial, financial or other personal or company gain.
People: We believe that our people are the key to our success and strive to grow with them.
Inspiration: We have love for our company, pride in our communal and company heritage, and passion for our brands
Partnership: We believe that together we can make a difference, and create a win-win relationship.
Leadership: We lead by example within the company and as business leaders in our community.

We have put in place a strong Governance structure that clearly outlines the role and function of the Group and its Business units. As part of the government structure the Board of Directors of the Fernandes Group is responsible for designing and carrying out a balanced Group strategy, setting up the overall corporate goals, authorizing and monitoring the business units’ strategies and plans. Furthermore the Corporate Board directs policies for Human resource, Internal Auditing, ICT and Corporate communication.

Our senior Leadership team

Jules Fernandes MBA Chief Executive Officer FernandesGroup
Drs. Dirk Currie Chief Operating Officer FernandesGroup
Ing. Bryan Renten Director at Fernandes Bottling Company N.V. our Coca-Cola franchise
Drs. Kurt van Essen Director at Fernandes Bakkerij N.V.
Maurice Brahim MBA Director at Fernandes Autohandel N.V.
Elton Woei A Tjoen MSc Director at Fernandes Ice Cream N.V.
Jules Fernandes MBA Director at Fernandes Handel Maatschappij N.V.
Martin Kartopawiro MBA Operations Manager Fernandes Agenturen

Our Companies

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Fernandes Bakkerij N.V.

Kernkampweg 82-84
Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone : (+597) 463200
Fax : (+597) 492177
E-mail : consumerresponse@fernandesbakery.com
Website : www.fernandesbakery.com

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Fernandes Bottling Company N.V.

Indira Gandhiweg 12
Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone : (+597) 482121/480680
Fax : (+597) 483091
E-mail : FBC.Consumentenservice@Fernandes.sr
Website : www.fernandesbottling.com

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Fernandes Ice Cream N.V.

Kernkampweg 84
Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone :+597 439711
Fax :+597 439718
E-mail : fernandesice@fernandes.sr
Website : www.fernandesicecream.com

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Fernandes Autohandel N.V.

Automotive Division
Keizerstraat 105-117
Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone : (+597) 475046/424069
Fax : (+597) 473891
E-Mail : fah.secretariaat@fernandes.sr
Website : www.fernandesautomotive.com

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Fernandes Agenturen

Agency Division
Kernkampweg 82
Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone : (+597) 404745/404751
Fax : (+597) 402750
E-mail : secretary@fernandesagenturen.com

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Fernandes Technical Center

Hardware Division
Klipstenenstraat 3
P.O. Box 1834
Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone : (+597) 471313 ext. 1303
E-mail : FTC.Marketing@Fernandes.sr


Lawyers and Auditors

BDO Suriname
Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat 132
Paramaribo, Suriname
Telephone nr: (+597) 493464
Fax nr: (+597) 494423
Website : www.bdo.sr


For our financial standing and reputation information can be obtained from our bankers:

De Surinaamsche Bank N.V.

P.O. Box 1806
Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname
Telephone nr. : (+597) 471100
Faxnr. : (+597) 477835/411750

Republic Bank (Suriname) N.V.

P.O. Box 1836
Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname
Telephone nr. : (+597) 471555
Faxnr. : (+597) 473016

Hakrinbank N.V.

P.O. Box 1813
Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname
Telephone nr. : (+597) 477722
Faxnr. : (+597) 472066/475073

For our moral and ethical status please contact:


P.O. Box 1821
Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname
Telephone nr. : (+597) 472900
Faxnr. : (+597) 479829


P.O. Box 1877
Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname
Telephone nr. : (+597) 477211
Faxnr. : (+597) 477792


P.O. Box 2648
Paramaribo, Republic of Suriname
Telephone nr. : (+597) 475222
Faxnr. : (+597) 427301

Contact US

Klipstenenstraat 2-10
P.O. Box 1834

Paramaribo, Suriname S.A.
Phone : (+597) 411998
Fax : (+597) 471154